Book Review: Radical

I was given a free copy of “Radical” by David Platt for review by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.  Here is that review:

First off, I will say that this was a VERY hard book to read and took me quite a while to get through.  I would recommend that you do not read it yourself.  Why?  because David Platt uses the Bible to expose how we as the normal American Christian fall very short of actually living the life that Jesus calls us to.  Even though he writes with the intention of encouraging us to change and get on a correct path, I had to take breaks between chapters to go through feelings of guilt and embarrassment at being such a slob of a believer.

Everything said in the book is based on Scripture and Platt does a great job of teaching the Bible and not going off in crazy directions with one or two verses.  If more of us wold live according to the words in this book (which ironically would be quite similar to living like the Bible tells us to) the world would not be able to handle the outpouring of God’s Spirit to change the lives of men and women.

Hopefully, you are a better person than me and can read this book without the guilt, but with a drive to fully embrace the Gospel as a lifestyle and live like Jesus.


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