Book Review: Sent

I was given an e-copy of Sent by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for reviewing purposes.  Here is that review.

Hilary Alan wrote Sent as a sort of memoir of the journey her family went through over the past 8 years.  The story follows her family as they said, “Yes” to Jesus and went on an amazing journey to find themselves living for three years in Southeast Asia.  She covers her fears of selling everything they owned to the thoughts of a mother that is uprooting her two teenagers and ends with the joys of doing what they were called to do.

This might sound terrible, but my main issue with the book is that is is written by a girl.  She writes well, but in a way that is only going to be appealing mostly to women.  I still enjoyed the book immensely but the constant talking about how she felt and the thoughts in her mind were a little much for me.

Also, the entire book feels like the conversation you would have with Hilary when she got back and was recounting events.  Instead of being chronological, the book is topical, in that she tells about one person they met while there and gives the 3 year account on that person.  The next chapter is another three year tale of a different person.  In some ways this makes the book easier to pick up and read as you do not have to remember every detail of what comes before a chapter t enjoy it.

I think this book and others like it should be required reading for anyone that calls themselves a Follower of Jesus.  All of us need to be willing to say “YES” to Jesus no matter how big or small the request seems.  I hope that my family would be as willing and obedient as the Alans should we be asked to do something similar.

Bottom Line is read this book if you get it, especially if you are a girl.


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