Who’s this guy?

My name is Brandon.  I have been in full-time Children’s Ministry for 8 years now.  I am married with 2 daughters ages 7 and 3.  We are a simple family that is just trying to accomplish God’s will in our lives.  Some may think that we are a bit odd, but that is okay; I know that I am normal and the rest of you are nuts.

This blog is simply a way for me to share my thoughts with anyone that cares to read them. The thoughts may be random, but so am I.  If you do not like what you read, there are approximately 2,345,873,196 other blogs to read and most are written by people with better writing skills and more interesting thoughts then me.

**My thoughts are mine and do not necessarily represent those of any church that I have served in, currently serve in or may one day serve in.**

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